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Ability to add terms to Glossary that are visible but don't create tool tip lookups
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Feature request: Have some definitions appear in the glossary but that don't automatically get looked up (no dotted border) / which would make the glossary very helpful for browsing.

Use a class to mark a glossary entry for an extremely frequently used word that appears on a very high number of pages that only people new to the wiki are likely to be unaware of. The word would be displayed to those reading the glossary page but not looked up.

Possible code:

<span class="noglossary">;⍺
:Alfa / alpha. Lowercase Greek letter A.</span>

;Adams-Oliver syndrome
:Adams-Oliver syndrome (AOS) is an extremely rare inherited disorder characterized by defects of the scalp and abnormalities of the fingers, toes, arms, and/or legs.

 <span class="noglossary">;doi
:Digital object identifier. Academic articles are allocated a unique doi which avoids multiple articles with the same name being confused with each other. Similar to using ISBN to identify a book.</span>

;<span class="noglossary">;syndrome
:Group of symptoms that often occur together and may or may not result from a single pathological process.</span>

The example above would display definitions for , doi and syndrome but not display tool tips for these very common terms. Adams-Oliver syndrome would be looked up.

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