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Featured article is broken for
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We have MediaWiki:Ffeed-featured-entry, MediaWiki:Ffeed-featured-title and MediaWiki:Ffeed-featured-page,
but since we recently changed the terminology of featured articles from "odabrani članak" to "istaknuti članak" and moved some templates, this may have broken the TFA card.

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Srdjan changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Bug Report".Mar 6 2021, 6:58 PM
BPirkle added a subscriber: BPirkle.

In what way is this broken and what impact is it having? Platform Team is unsure how to help. Untagging for now, but please retag if there's work for us.

tstarling added a subscriber: tstarling.

Tagging FeaturedFeeds since that's what it looks like from the message names in the task description.

@Srdjan The apps are using the following URL for getting the featured article:

The root of the issue is that the name of the article is not enclosed in a wikilink to the actual article. This is preventing our logic from parsing the title correctly. Would it be possible to make the title into an actual link to the article?

@Dbrant: That would mess with the current UI/UX of the Main Page, as we would have redundant links (the button labeled "Više" leads to the article).

We have a template (Istaknuti članci – spisak) that's used for generating the link for that button and the text for the corresponding heading on the Main Page. Would it be possible to get the link/parse the title from there?