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Implement central logging for mailman3
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The logs from the various mailman3 components should end up in logstash.

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crusnov triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 8 2021, 7:52 PM

Here's what the logs to disk look like:

root@mailman-mailman02:~# tree /var/log/mailman3/
├── bounce.log
├── debug.log
├── mailman.log
├── mailman.log.1
├── mailman.log.2.gz
├── mailman.log.3.gz
├── mailman.log.4.gz
├── mailman.log.5.gz
├── plugins.log
├── smtp.log
└── web
    ├── mailman-web.log
    ├── mailman-web.log.1
    ├── mailman-web.log.2.gz
    ├── mailman-web.log.3.gz
    ├── mailman-web.log.4.gz
    └── mailman-web.log.5.gz

What's the preferred way to get these into logstash?

@lmata, we could use some help in setting this up.

Sure thing @Legoktm will discuss with team and share notes here