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Use bounded context use cases for actions that change donations in Fundraising Operation Center
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Change application/controller/Backend/Ajax/ListController.php to use the bounded context actions for changing the state of donations (un)moderation and (un)deletion instead of DonationStatusUpdateService.

Remove "unlock" functionality:

  • unlockAction from application/controller/Backend/Ajax/ListController.php
  • the markup for generating the icon/action in templates/donation_list.twig
  • the lock icon image files
  • Function unlockDataset in res/js/donationlist.js
  • unlockForUpdate from app/model/Donation.php.

Background information why we no longer need the "unlock" function: extending the expiry of the update token to allow for modification is no longer needed, because that was used for failed payments. Since 2016 payment code no longer checks the expiry date of the update token, only if the token matches.

Delete src/DonationStatusUpdateService.php and its test.

Remove getRecoveredStatus code from app/model/Donation.php.

Splitting or renaming the ListController (which is really a DonationController) is optional.

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