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Onboarding Samuel Guebo to the Security Team as a Privacy Engineer
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Ongoing list of things (a lot of this should already be completed for Samuel since he was an existing WMF employee):

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Hey @sbassett, thanks for creating this and having checked a bunch of boxes already.

Yes, @Reedy can likely do that.

  • I wasn't sure about the Deployment & stats private data part, since per the it seems I am already within the analytics_privatedata_users and deployment groups — restricted being a subset of deployment.

Yes, that should be all you'd need as a privacy engineer, I'd guess. I don't believe @JFishback_WMF has deployment, so restricted is likely good enough.

  • I'll figure out how to enable the word highlighting for my IRC client (Limechat)

No problem. This is very optional IMO, though sometimes we and other people use that keyword to get the attention of the Security-Team on IRC.

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@sbassett , coolio. I guess once @Reedy has added me to the acl*security_team group, I can close this one.

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