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Confirmed editors cannot move pages or edit through semi-protection
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Steps to reproduce

  1. On English Wikipedia create an account (I used User:WugapodesConfirmedPermTesting) and stay logged in
  2. In a different browser with +sysop account, grant the new account +confirmed
  3. With the confirmed account, create your sandbox page in its usual location (e.g. User:WugapodesConfirmedPermTesting/sandbox)

Observed behavior

  • With the confirmed account, go to Special:MovePage/User:WugapodesConfirmedPermTesting/sandbox. You will receive a permission error: "You cannot move pages because your account is too new or is blocked from editing..."
  • With the confirmed account, go to a semi-protected page (e.g. Wikipedia:User access levels) and attempt to edit. You will receive a permission error: "This page is currently semi-protected so that only established, registered users can edit it."

Expected behavior
According to the EnWiki documentation and Special:ListGroupRights, confirmed editors should be able to move pages and edit through semi-protection.

Event Timeline

Noting that I was able to reproduce this on with User:The Earwig (test). The problem seems to go away when the user is autoconfirmed, though they might need to log out/log back in to fix it—not sure.