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Link to community-specific translation guidelines
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Content translation provides a link to the translation guidelines:

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 10.17.25 2.png (333×419 px, 29 KB)

However, the link always seems to point to the English version.

This ticket proposes to:

  • By default, using Wikidata point to the version of the guidelines available in the target language.
  • Allow communities to define a custom page for their translation guidelines. For example, Vietnamese editors proposed to use this page.

Event Timeline

A related proposal was made in T261352 for Odia Wikipedia:

The link to the help page "WP:CS" can be added with an icon and a text "ଲିଖନ ଶୈଳୀରେ ସହାୟତା?" ([Need] help with the writing style?) linking to the help page will be of great use.

There is a new education program -- or something of that sort -- going on that the community is unaware of, and we're experiencing influx of really long articles (as long as 40K words, the whole content created using probably Google Translate resulting extremely complex and gibberish sentences that will take really long time for even long time and experienced editors to fix). My assumption is that at least having a link to the help page might prompt some new editors to read through a rather brief details on the dos and don'ts of MoS and improve their writing before submitting.