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Page load shows New Vector
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Two users reported yesterday and today:

'On Portuguese Wikipedia, when I purge a page, it switches to the new Vector and returns back to the old Vector when I refresh a page.'

'On Office Wiki, I have "Legacy Vector" as a preference - I regularly get a page load that shows New Vector. I cannot easily replicate it - it's erratic/inconsistent.'

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@ovasileva - I was not able to reproduce on ptwiki. These are the steps I followed

Logged In:

  1. Set preference to Legacy Vector
  2. Go to random page on ptwiki
  3. append ?action=purge to the url and hit enter then click OK to purge
  4. The page remained in Legacy vector
  5. refresh the page
  6. The page remained in Legacy Vector

Logged Out:
Similar steps as above just starting out with New Vector

Office Wiki:

Log into officewiki
Set prefer

I haven't seen this at officewiki in the last week, so it might be magically fixed?

Resolving this for the time being but feel free to open if it occurs again