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New search does not keep history of previously typed string
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As a user, I want to be able to tweak my previous search query easily, instead of needing to type it in again.

I.e. If I type a search, and navigate to a result, and then click [Back], the text should still be there.

The new Vue search does not currently retain my previous search string.

Screencast of old search:

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Remaining value is not the case in my testing of legacy search in Google Chrome 89/macOS. Only in Firefox.

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Can confirm that this is a Firefox browser feature. The way that works in the old search won't work given WVUI replaces the initial HTML element. If we wanted to provide a more generic future-proofed solution here we'd need to make use of localStorage or the History pushState API to track the value in the search. Not sure if this is worth the effort and complexity this will bring.