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Display disambiguation information about a lexicon entry
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Display information that helps user figure out if an entry that they want to add already exists. This information can be one or more of:

  1. Part of speech
    • In Speechoid lexicon as "partOfSpeech": "NN"
  2. Morphology
    • In Speechoid lexicon as "morphology": "SIN|IND|NOM|UTR"
  3. Paradigm
    • In Speechoid lexicon as "lemma": {"paradigm": "s1a-flicka"}
  4. Lemma
    • In Speechoid lexicon as "lemma": {"strn": "tomte"}
  5. Example sentence

There is currently no requirements on what information needs to be included when adding an entry, so 1 - 4 is dependent on what is put into the lexicon. We would need to add some restrictions when adding/editing the lexicon if we want to rely on these. We would also need to check the same thing when installing/importing a new lexicon.

There is a property for entries called "tag" which may be useful. The lexicon does not allow for two entries with the same spelling to have the same tag.

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Lokal_Profil renamed this task from Display disambiguation information about an entry to Display disambiguation information about a lexicon entry.Apr 8 2021, 8:28 AM

Currently, the whole JSON for the entry is displayed, which includes all but 5.