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Improve WMCH-Report with awesome bows and ribbons etc.
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Wikimedia CH has developed a WMCH-Report tool located here in Wikimedia Toolforge:

Actually that page is just a static list of some CSV datasets generated by some long running jobs executed in the Wikimedia Tech Grid Engine system during cold January evenings.

This Task is about improving the stuff that is over the surface of the water:

HSWSource.svg.png (480×480 px, 36 KB)

(Yep that's the Wikisource logo. asd).

Feature request

This Task is about improving the WMCH-Report with dynamic tables, without reinventing the wheel and adopting a cute JavaScript library.

Some required features:

  • sort by whatever column without crashing the browser
  • ability to search a nickname
  • cute download buttons
  • everything but not a CSV file please!

Bonus points:

  • Pivot. Much pivoting.