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Mail sender ("WikiAdmin") should be configurable
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Mediawiki sends all notification mails about changed pages using the sender name "WikiAdmin".

This is hardcoded in includes/UserMailer.php, line 484:

$adminAddress = new MailAddress( $wgPasswordSender, 'WikiAdmin' );

Now imagine you are working on multiple wikis - all will send you mails with the sender name "WikiAdmin", only the sender mail address differs ($wgPasswordSender).

Please replace the hardcoded "WikiAdmin" with a configurable variable (which would default to WikiAdmin). Something like this:

$adminAddress = new MailAddress( $wgPasswordSender, $wgPasswordSenderName );

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: enhancement



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webmaster wrote:

I agree. This variable could alternatively default to $wgSiteName to ease adoption.

I think we should allow $wgPasswordSender to be 'WikiOneo Admin <>'.

The default $wgPasswordSender IS 'MediaWiki Mail <apache@serverName>' but that's not supported by MailAddress class, producing "WikiAdmin <MediaWiki Mail <apache@serverName>>"