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GSOC - Create cypress tests for wikipedia-preview
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IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the GSoC participant instructions and communication guidelines thoroughly before commenting on this task. This space is for project-specific questions, so avoid asking questions about getting started, setting up Gerrit, etc. When in doubt, ask your question on Zulip first!


Waiting for GSoC student to start working on this.

The Project

At the Inuka-Team we are building a plugin for partners to show wikipedia content available as contextual information on 3rd party sites.

MediaWiki page:

Demo Page:

Technical details

This project's purpose is to write cypress tests for the plugin.

Example of cypress tests:

Source code for wikipedia-preview

Steps to install and run on your machine

(you need git, npm and node installed to run the app)

  1. git clone
  2. cd wikipedia-preview
  3. npm install
  4. npm run dev


Blogs with tips and tutorials


  • Create a sample test on the app for mobile and desktop
  • Put it running on CircleCI
  • Run it against multiple browsers (cross browser testing)
Instructions on Submission
  1. Setup a fork of the repo
  1. Corresponding to each microtask, create a pull request on your fork

💡 Note: Do not raise a pull request upstream / against the original project. Create a branch on your fork and create a PR to main to your fork, not the original project

  1. Invite the mentors as collaborators to your forked repos (ONLY WHEN YOU'RE DONE PUSHING CODE TO THE PR)

Github usernames: jpita, vidhi-mody, und3fined-v01d

  1. Add the mentors (usernames provided above) as reviewers to each pull request that you open
  2. Add your name to the "Students" section below
  3. Corresponding to each microtask, provide a link to the pull request under your name in the "Students" section


* Vidhi Mody
   Microtask 1: #link to the pr
   Microtask 2: #link to the pr


* Sahil Grewal
   Microtask 1 and 2:
* Shubham Jain
   Microtask 1:
   Microtask 2:
* Karthik Shetty 
   Microtask 1:
   Microtask 2:
* Neeraj Anand(Username: Neeraj_on_git, githubusername: neeraj-2)
   Microtask 1 and Microstak 2:
* Bavisetti Narayan 
   Microtask 1, 2 and 3:
* Shailesh Kanojiya
   Microtask 1:
   Microtask 2:
* Aditya Gupta
   Microtask 1 and 2 :
* Shubham Palriwala


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where is the communication channel for this project

@Vidhi-Mody I am interested in this project and want to contribute in this project can you guide me how should I start contributing ,where can I find good first issue

Hi everybody!
My name is Anan Wang and I'm currently a student at UCLA studying computer science. I'm excited to help contribute to this project and it's nice meeting you all!

Hi I am Prashubh from India and I am familiar with NodeJS,
I would like to work on this project and contribute to it as this projects seems interesting and I believe this will help me in learning new things on the way.
Can you please tell the link for communication channel ?

Please avoid adding project tags as subscribers - thanks.

Please avoid adding project tags as subscribers - thanks.

I didn't even know you can do that!

Hi all! I am Neeraj Anand. I would like to contribute to this project and also want to be a part of GSOC'21 with Wikipedia Organisation. I am contributing to open source projects for a few months back now. I mostly did work in NodsJS, ReactJs, VueJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB, Bulma, Sass. Familiar with Jest, cypress e2e too. Really nice to see you all. It would be very great if someone can guide me. Tagging the mentors of this project @Vidhi-Mody, @Jpita, @Soham. I have already joined the Zulip channel for the discussion for this project. But I am not that much familiar with how Phabricator works since I was using the only GitHub up to now for the issues, PRS for other projects. As I can see there is a Github repo also for this project so will all the work will be done on GitHub or Phabricator. Sorry if I am somewhere wrong. Thanks

Hi and welcome. The code repository of wikipedia-preview is on Github. The issue/task tracking is in See also

Hi and welcome. The code repository of wikipedia-preview is on Github. The issue/task tracking is in See also

Thanks @Aklapper

Hey @Jpita @Vidhi-Mody @Soham ! I am Sahil Grewal and I am really psyched up to be a part of GSOC'21 via Wikipedia Org , I have been exploring on this project since few days ago and right now, I am almost ready with my Samples and the tasks. Also I am waiting for the Qna session (As informed by @Soham at Zulip) regarding some doubts .Thanks

hey @Soham we have to perform three microtasks that are mentioned up there ?? or there are more related to this project .

@Iamumangg the 3 microtasks are quite generic. If you are done with all 3 you can always write more tests. Make sure to focus on the proposal as well!

Shubham656jain subscribed.

Hi @Vidhi-Mody @Soham @Jpita. I have added you as collaborators on my PR. Please accept the invite and review my microtask 1.