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Dedupe hover tool tip should show a total of all contributions
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Editing for clarity:

When searching for donors in Civi when you mouse over the donor icon in the search results it will show you "last donated" with a date and amount. Unless the donor donated to the endowment in which case it will show nothing. So when trying to merge CID's, we must go into the individual donation record to check it, as it is not clear when just mousing over.

CID example to search by email: 47906217.

Thank you!

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I've edited this for a little more clarity. I will have to check with other teams to see if this interferes with their use cases.

Just adding that these are the the two fields we thought would help to distinguish when hovering if we need to be picky on number of fields:

Endowment Lifetime Giving
Endowment Last Donation Date

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