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DB alerting updates
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Master item for all tasks related to DB alerting

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LSobanski added a subscriber: Peachey88.

@Peachey88 The DBA tag was purposefully not added as this is not an actionable task and doesn't belong on the workboard.

This is a duplicate of: T172492 which is older and more complete. It probably should be merged into that, and task updated/improved to avoid duplicate tracking.

BTW, it is ok if you want to do a cleanup at the old tracking task @LSobanski, it is possible many of these tasks will never be done because they are too low on priority :-(, so it may not be worth tracking them- but I think we should at least not duplicate existing tasks (and there is almost always an old task for many of the existing issues) either by merging them or "won't fix" the old ones.

The DBA/meta column has the most important epics we created along the years, with almost a tracking ticket for each topic (database backups improvements, db metrics, db alerting, etc.).

Krinkle renamed this task from DB alarming updates to DB alerting updates.May 14 2021, 8:44 PM
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