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Avoid updating cached timestamp
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Hello. When the list is cached by browser, the timestamp is still updated to the new time, when the list was not updated yet, causing the user to think that there were no new edits between the old and the new timestamps. Here is the scenario, checked on Samsung Internet Browser from the Chrome family.

  1. Read the list.
  2. Remember the "as of" timestamp at the list top as X.
  3. Leave the browser tab.
  4. Open enough tabs and work with them to force the browser to loose the list tab content.
  5. Wait enough time to be sure there were new edits in the list.
  6. Go back to the list tab.
  7. See the browser restores the list from the cache.
  8. See it has not the latest edits because the "get" api calls were not made yet.
  9. Expected: see the old timestamp X at the list top.
  10. Got: see the current timestamp Y, wheh the data is still as of X.
  11. Click the refresh button.
  12. Get the new list with a timestump a little after Y at the list top.

Thank you.

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