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Requesting access to sites from Google Search Console
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REQUEST: I will need access to desktop and mobile sites from the Google Search Console for:

I have a signed NDA on file.

REASONING: I am supporting the Audience Engagement/Marketing team with reporting top queries and pages. I will need GSC access to determine impacts on search and impressions.

DURATION: March 2022

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@CGlenn I'd need your manager approval here on task in order to proceed, but I can't find their Phabricator's account to ping them. Could you please let them know?

Volans triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 17 2021, 5:44 PM

No problem! @Volans

Hi @ahemmer ! Can you approve my phabricator ticket for me please?

@CGlenn access granted. Please confirm that it's working and that you've read the following notice:

If you believe your Google account delegated
for Google Webmaster Tools access has been
breached, contact ops immediately to have
delegation revoked while you restore
your access. Similar logic applies to
a computer breach involving a computer
that you use to login to
Google Apps.

FYI this is just for and doesn't include
Feel free to resolve this task if it's all good on your end.

Hello @Volans ! Thank you for pointing that out to me. Just to confirm, I can access in GSC.

Is possible we can add as well?

Or would I need to file a separate Phabricator ticket to complete this?

Volans claimed this task.

@CGlenn I've added you to the mobile domain too, I consider the approval for the whole "language". Resolving, feel free to reopen if there is any issue.