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Unintended premoderation of comments on Russian WikiNews
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Let me describe the important problem that we have. It is related to this issue, but rather a tweak than a bug. It was difficult for me to make the PNGs, so I try to write by text. If I have to open new request, please ask, and I will. The text:

Russian Wikinews want unmoderated comments (verb "patrol" below means "flagged review")

  1. There are the "Comments" namespace in Russian Wikinews. It reads "Комментарии:". It is different from "Talk" namespace which reads "Обсуждение:". "Комментарии:" name space is attached only to main articles and not elsewhere, e. g. forums. At each article, link "Комментарии:" a) is attached at the upper tab as a 3rd namespace link b) is transcluded below the article by a custom bot operated by @Krassotkin. Transclusion template contains instructions for commenters and invites all people to comment their thoughts on the subject of the news story. This is very different from "Talk:" ("Обсуждение:") which is meant for editors to discuss story writing process not its subject and is not transcluded in this way.
  1. When a visitor wants to comment, they are given "Комментарии:" namespace page in editing mode. They comment and save.
  1. The whole main article becomes "unpatrolled" (un-flagged-reviewed). As result, the visitor cannot view their own comment that they just have written. This is confusing.
  1. Only after an "editor"-flagged regular Wikinews author presses "partol" (flagged review) on the main article, visitor can see its own comment and maintain further talk. If several visitors try to talk to each other, they are unable to talk in real-time: each edit have to be "patrolled" (flag-rev'd). If any "flagged reviewers" are not available at the time, hours and days may pass.

In fact, this is an unintended pre-moderation of comments that is against democratic journalistic free-speech principles that we believe in.

The task: cancel this pre-moderation. Adjust the flagging review system in the way when visitors can talk real-time.

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Wugapodes changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Feature Request".

The task description was copied from a comment by @ssr on T237408

Thank you for creating the task and paying attention to Russian Wikinews and its technical issues!