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Enable LiquidThreads on sv.wiktionary
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Author: lars

The Swedish Wiktionary community wants to install LiquidThreads,
according to the discussion at

(In bug:23220 the same was requested for sv.wikisource,
which has now been used for some time with very good experience.)

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Further LiquidThreads deployments are on hold. See [1] for further details.

lars wrote:

I can't say we have consensus for this any longer. After the new system/version has been deployed somewhere else, we might ask the community again.

Closing as later, as LQT isn't going to be deployed anywhere new atm

I'm closing this request as WONTFIX as the current resolution RESOLVED LATER is deprecated (see ), plus WONTFIX better reflects the situation.

This request will not get fixed, as deploying and developing LQT is on hold (see e.g. bug 19699 comment 10) and discouraged.
Its functionality will be superseded by Flow/Messaging in late 2013 or 2014, after Echo/Notifications has been successfully deployed.

For more information on Flow/Messaging see .
For more information on Echo/Notifications see .