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Summary Link To box does not show entire URL
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When I click in the Link To button which appears in the summary of a Thread, the URL shown is of the form "/wiki/Page", but it should be e.g. "", as it is in the "Link To" for Threads.

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Do you mean the "Link to" button each post has? WORKSFORME

Please reopen if you meant something else.

Still reproducible at

PS: notice there are two "link to" links:

  1. The one in the "Thread summary", pointing to


  1. The other inside the menu labelled "More", pointing to

Ignore this comment (it is just a test).

  • Bug 48631 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

What issues does this actually cause for users? They should both be valid links...

Yes, the html is: “<a href="/wiki/Thread:User_talk:Qgil/Sounds_good_to_me" title="Link to">Link to</a>” but your browser will convert that into or or as required by the specification.

If you press that link and you are not sent there, it's a bug in your User Agent. What browser are you using?

That is not a link to be clicked, it a text to be copied. The relevant HTML in the popup is like this:

<th>Link URL:</th>
<td class="lqt-thread-link-url">/wiki/Page</td>

and the user can't use the text "/wiki/Page" to create a link ("[/wiki/Page this]" do not work)

Se also the attachment from bug 48631:

Related URL: (Gerrit Change Id3e4d67769d0ed8eba9d37381482da9ef2188ce4)

Change 66334 merged by jenkins-bot:
Show entire link (including wgServer and protocol) in summary Link To box