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Error when moving a page over an existing Thread
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After a user created a Thread[1] and then removed it's content and inserted it in the Thread's summary, I wanted to merge the new content back to the history of Thread's page and for this, I've used [[Especial:MovePage]], whithout leaving a redirect behind, and deleting the existing Thread page when I was asked (so that I could restore it and merge the history of both pages, as described in [[Wikipedia:How to fix cut-and-paste moves]]).

The problem is: when I went to the Thread page (following the link from "successful move" message), it showed the message

*No such thread*

The thread you specified does not exist.

instead of the content which was previously in the summary page. This should not happen.

Nevertheless, going to the history of the non existent Thread, I could see the message

View or restore 2 deleted edits?

(together with the previous one), and so I was able to restore the page. After restoring the deleted edits, the history[5] is ok, showing all edits (both from Thread and it's summary).


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History merges are not currently supported for LiquidThreads threads.

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LiquidThreads has been replaced by StructuredDiscussions on all Wikimedia production wikis (except one, which will be done soon). It is no longer under active development or maintenance, so I'm re-classifying all open LQT tasks as "Lowest" priority.