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Request increased quota for dwl Cloud VPS project
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Project Name: dwl
Type of quota increase requested: cpu/ram/cinder storage: 45 cores/182G/160G temporary, 29 cores/110G/160G final quota (that is an additional 19 cores/90G/80G temporarily and 3 cores/18G/80G finally)
Reason: With the upcoming storage and instance resizing, we have analyzed our needs and have come up with a new instance schema to guarantee suitably fast and bug-free instances:

targetneeded ressourcescurrent ressources
taxonbot-new12 cores, 36G ram, 60G cinder8 cores, 36G ram, 80G disk
taxonbota-new16 cores, 72G ram, 100G cinder8 cores, 36G ram, 80G disk
irc1 core, 2G ram1 core, 2G ram
unused9 cores, 18G ram, 80G cinder
quota29 cores, 110G ram, 160G cinder26 cores, 92G ram, 80G cinder

To make migration easier, we would like to temporarily keep the old instances until the migration is over:

taxonbot-old8 cores, 36G ram
taxonbota-old8 cores, 36G ram
temporary quota45 cores, 182G ram, 160G cinder

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Quota changed:

root@cloudvirt1021:~# openstack quota show dwl | egrep ' (gigabytes|cores|ram) '
| cores                | 45                                                                                                                                                                  |
| gigabytes            | 160                                                                                                                                                                 |
| ram                  | 186368

Please comment here when the temporary quota bump is not needed anymore, thanks!

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-03-24T11:01:47Z] <dcaro> Upgraded quota to 45 cores, 160GB cinder, 182GB ram (T277681)

@Giftpflanze any updates on this? :)

Um, no. We can't move forward with transition yet. Afais, instance resizing isn't enabled yet, but that's a prerequisite. After that, we'll probably need a few days, depending on my and Doc Taxon's availability.