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tools-puppetmaster-02 allows any toolforge user to log in and view secrets
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Any Toolforge user can log in to tools-puppetmaster-02 and read any file located under /var/lib/git/labs/private, including files modified in local commits containing Toolforge secrets (obviously I didn't look at the contents of any actual secret files, but I did look at the list of affected files using git log --name-only --pretty=oneline, and using ls -a shows that they are world readable).

There might be similar security vulns on other "internal" Toolforge nodes that can be accessed by any Toolforge user or on other shared projects.


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I can confirm this doesn't have the appropriate "infrastructure warning" that comes with the blocking code for logins. I can probably just add the profile to the prefix in horizon to fix it.

I've added the profile::toolforge::infrastructure that blocks this. That should be applied to any server that isn't for public login in the tools project, but it was missed on a puppetmaster rebuild.

This change is the root cause of T287037: toolsbeta remote crontab is broken. Cron servers need to be treated like bastions in the tools/toolsbeta projects.

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