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Request increased quota for iiab Cloud VPS project
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Project Name: iiab
Type of quota increase requested: cinder storage
Amount of quota increase: 200G
Reason: would like to replace lvm::srv storage with cinder storage and add some for safety

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I assume 200G is the final quota you need, not (currentquota + 200G), right?

If my assumption is true, then LGTM, +1!

dcaro added a subscriber: dcaro.

+1 approved

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-03-24T11:24:15Z] <dcaro> Increase cinder volume quota to 200G (T277758)

Increased the quota:

root@cloudvirt1021:~# openstack quota show iiab | grep ' gigabytes '
| gigabytes            | 200