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scap 3.16.0-1 deb package on deploy1002 does not contain all commits from the debian/3.16.0-1 tag
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In particular, the code changes from commit 863a3f6ed715a4445e6d7906e4601045bb31b980 (from merged Sept 20, 2020) are missing.

Confusingly, /usr/share/doc/scap/changelog.Debian.gz contains an entry corresponding to the missing commit:

* scap sync-world: Don't ask for confirmation

The changelog was updated in (merged Nov 20, 2020).

  • When was the tag created? Tue Nov 24 06:29:53 PST 2020
$ git tag -v debian/3.16.0-1
git tag -v debian/3.16.0-1
object 419b316aaab65be2df3eda45e3e505117d740ac5
type commit
tag debian/3.16.0-1
tagger Lars Wirzenius <> 1606228193 +0200

scap Debian release 3.16.0-1
error: no signature found
dancy@base:~/src/wmf/mediawiki/tools/scap$ date -d @1606228193
date -d @1606228193
Tue Nov 24 06:29:53 PST 2020

<time passes>

After investigating how a scap release is prepared I discovered that the commit which merged the master branch into the release branch had an incorrect conflict resolution which resulted in removal of the effects of commit 863a3f6ed715a4445e6d7906e4601045bb31b980 (and who knows what else).

I will make proposals for simplifying the scap release process so that we don't suffer this risk in the future.

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