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Add new line at the end of the record list
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Original report by Unsui on Meta.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • To be investigated

Actual Results:
See this erroneous edit :
There are maybe more.

Expected Results:

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Poslovitch created this task.

I tried to reproduce the problem. To do so,

  1. I saved the revision of the page just before LLbot action
  2. I forced to take this wikitext in
  3. I run llbot only on this item `python3 --wiki frwiktionary --dryrun simple --item Q491621```
  4. The output is the one that we see in the frwiktionary diff. Here is the wikicode that I get with the current version of Lingua Libre Bot
=== {{S|nom|pl}} ===
'''suflet '''
# [[soufflé|Soufflé]].

==== {{S|synonymes}} ====

=== {{S|prononciation}} ===
* {{écouter|lang=pl|Pologne (Varsovie)||audio=LL-Q809 (pol)-Olaf-suflet.wav}}== {{langue|ro}} ==
=== {{S|étymologie}} ===
: Du {{étyl|la|ro}} [[suflitus]], [[suflare]] ([[souffle]]).

I can share the reproducer on a new branch on Github if it is useful.

Lepticed7 renamed this task from Investigate erroneous editions on frwikt to Add new line at the end of the record list.Wed, Sep 15, 10:33 AM
Lepticed7 added a subscriber: Lepticed7.

This bug come from the fact that == {{langue|ro}} == is at the end of the last record, instead of on a new line.

In line 261 of frwiktionary, there are a piece of code supposed to add two new lines. It looks like this doesn’t work.