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Hiding file content for current file version to revert to a previous version requires deletion of all versions
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I tried to hide the current revision of to make it revert to the originally uploaded file. But "change visibility" is not linked for the current file version.

I had to revert the file first (so the current file version becomes an older version) before I could remove the offending file version. And now we're stuck with 2 revisions in the file history: the original upload and my revert, which again I can't get rid of because the revert is the current version.

In the end, I had to delete all revisions and restore only the original upload. This is counter intuitive.

Feature request: make "change visibility" linked for the current file version.

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Sounds like T22742

Even that is fixed it will still be impossible to hide the media file for usage, only user name or comment are possible than (That is similiar to pages where the wikitext of the current page is not possible to revdel/change visibility for), so I am not sure if this is to decline, if you want to change the visibility of the current media file. There would be no fallback to the first visible file instead similiar to the handling with content on text pages (or the file description itself).