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Implement OAuth login for WMCH's members wiki
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Talking with @Ilario it would be very nice to implement an OAuth authentication for the Wikimedia CH's members wiki, for multiple reasons:

  • avoid to remember another password
  • speedup login process on multiple devices
  • making the wiki more accessible
  • more integration with the Wikimedia universe

Some required features:

  • allow login with local credentials
  • manage same accounts under different names
  • manage different accounts under same name


  • 1 h create a beta environment
  • 7 h analyze and test available OAuth extensions
  • 1 h register an OAuth application in Meta-wiki (like we have done in T262823)
  • 6 h configure business logic with all the bows and ribbons
  • 0 h init test phase
  • 0 h end test phase
  • 0 h announce the change
  • 1 h deploy in production

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Just some notes for historical reasons.

$ ssh

$ cd /var/lib/mediawiki/extensions

$ # install WSOAuth (latest master)
$ #
$ wget

$ # install PluggableAuth (1.31)
$ wget

$ # historical verifications
$ md5sum WSOAuth-master-a223327.tar.gz PluggableAuth-REL1_31-eb1b638.tar.gz 
45f4994e0e7c11efae65c7ab71d555b4  WSOAuth-master-a223327.tar.gz
f65701aebdc34958011115126003fd6d  PluggableAuth-REL1_31-eb1b638.tar.gz

$ sha1sum WSOAuth-master-a223327.tar.gz PluggableAuth-REL1_31-eb1b638.tar.gz
d4469983d114793e31e9ed51ae32ee4a39bef245  WSOAuth-master-a223327.tar.gz
705540f0be166b3c560a958b1dc80fdd9d1c6341  PluggableAuth-REL1_31-eb1b638.tar.gz

$ tar -xzf PluggableAuth-REL1_31-eb1b638.tar.gz
$ tar -xzf WSOAuth-master-a223327.tar.gz

$ # clean
$ rm *.tar.gz

Uh-oh. That's an interesting feature!

oauth-nonsense.png (592×339 px, 24 KB)


I've opened a question to the maintainer about trusting local logged-in users.

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