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WDQS timeout errors should be more gracefully handled
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Something catastrophic happened when processing page User:Nashona/Other_NU.

This is very likely a bug in inteGraality itself, not a configuration issue.

Please report this on Phabricator.
<class 'pywikibot.exceptions.TimeoutError'> Maximum retries attempted without success.

Trying to manually update a previously created property dashboard, repeatedly gives the above error message.

Some further investigation - it is timing out when


is used.

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JeanFred renamed this task from pywikibot.exceptions.TimeoutError to WDQS timeout errors should be more gracefully handled.Oct 26 2021, 2:24 PM
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Basically, a SPARQL timeout error is not something we can solve on integraalit. The issue lies with the underlying queries − either it’s misconfigured or just more likely too expensive (try making a dashboard of all scientific articles… ;-þ)

Wth 7e3343a5731d, this /should/ at least be surfaced to the user with a somewhat helpful error message.

JeanFred claimed this task.

With 30a2f2ba the offending SPARQL query should be always surfaced to the user. Closing as Resolved.