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Consider caching for the Image Suggestions service
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The image suggestions service serves relatively static data. "Algorithm" data is expected to be generated on a monthly cadence. Even results from MediaSearch, which in theory can change at any time, are static enough in practice that a short-term cache could be useful.

Investigate options for adding caching to the service. Among the considerations:

  • what results should be cached? (Algorithm only? MediaSearch only? Both? Full responses?)
  • where should cached data live?
  • what timeouts should we configure?
  • does any existing piece of our infrastructure help?
  • what impact does the current toolforge hosting vs. the eventual production k8s hosting have on caching?
  • what impact does user feedback/edits have? What will we do about cache invalidation?

Event Timeline

This was for the prototype service, which has been superseded by a permanent solution. This task is therefore no longer relevant.