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Add messaging to upload field for election tallying warning about timeout for large elections
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Large encrypted elections can still timeout if the user tries to tally via the upload feature. Capturing @Tchanders comment from Slack:

I'm not convinced there's a neat way to solve this - we can't use the same solution we're using for the elections that don't use the upload field. Mostly because (1) an uploaded election might not be in the DB, and (2) it's not clear where a user would check back to see the results of an uploaded election.

Proposed fix

We could add messaging to the page to the inline help of the SelectFileWidget, to indicate to the user that uploading a large election (greater than X number of votes) could cause the tally to timeout.
Message: "If you uploaded an encrypted dump, its contents will be tallied. Otherwise the results in the database will be tallied. NOTE: Uploading an election with more than 100 votes might not give any results and lead to a timeout."

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Change 675526 had a related patch set uploaded (by AGueyte; author: AGueyte):
[mediawiki/extensions/SecurePoll@master] Add warning message on tally page

Change 675526 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/SecurePoll@master] Add warning message on tally page

@Prtksxna Was the intention to add this message to the top of the page, or to alter the inline help text? At the moment, the first half of the message is duplicated in both locations:

image.png (448ร—764 px, 40 KB)

On a separate note, can I suggest a small grammar fix? Replace:
[...] more than a 100 votes [...]
[...] more than 100 votes [...]

Thanks for catching this @Tchanders. You are right, the message was an update to the inline help text, and wasn't meant to be added to the top of the page.

I made a mistake in updating the description of the task: I updated the message but not where it was supposed to go ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ I am so sorry, @AGueyte that you already did this work ๐Ÿ˜ž

Yes to the grammar fix. Would it be better if I create a follow-up task, or just update this one?

No worries, it should be an easy fix.
Let's just update this task, should be fine!
Thank you @Tchanders @Prtksxna

Change 675834 had a related patch set uploaded (by AGueyte; author: AGueyte):
[mediawiki/extensions/SecurePoll@master] Update helpline and grammar fix

Change 675834 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/SecurePoll@master] Update helpline and grammar fix

dom_walden added a subscriber: dom_walden.

The new message on the tally page underneath file upload:

file_upload_tally_message.png (479ร—1 px, 40 KB)