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Recover after last outage (before 1 April 2021)
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After the last international outage (T277008), the landing page dedicated to the "5 x 1000 (it)", served by a WordPress instance, was lost in the fire. Moreover, our snapshots are currently not available even if the service provider is working on it since today (March, 21 2021) as their official communications.

Currently it works because it was turned into a redirect to another online resource. But the goal is to restore the full service before the donation campaign starts again. We mean before 1 April 2021.

Proposed solution 1

  • wait for news from the service provider about our specific snapshot
  • restore the snapshot in another virtual machine
  • recover the filesystem and the database
  • migrate in the server
  • fix SMS gateway
  • fix email gateway
  • test
  • champagne!
NOTE: After March, 28 2021 23:59 CEST it's a good idea to stop giving 100% of our hopes in this plan.

"B" plan

If you are here, my friend, probably you have to buy some powerful energy drinks.

  • stop giving 100% of our hopes in "A" plan
  • assume a couple of cups of coffee
  • shut up and start typing code as fast as you can with 12 tabs opened on Internet Archive
  • create a super-patched reimplementation of the notification system
    • e-mail notification
    • SMS notification
  • test
  • champagne!

Event Timeline

After March, 28 2021 23:59 CEST it's a good idea to stop giving 100% of our hopes in this plan.

Good morning everyone! Let's assume a sufficient amount of coffee. I'm starting the "B" plan.

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Some notes:

  • the SMS SDK was completely borked - hammered until working
  • whole code was completely borked - adapted to PHP7
  • fixed an SQL injection in the phone number

Here we are: