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Prefix toolinfo names added via the UI with a disambiguation string
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The name field of a toolinfo record is intended to be universally unique. The toolinfo schema help text suggests adding some sort of prefix to the names used by an author to disambiguate names. Striker took this advice and adds a "toolforge-" prefix to the names provided by the tool maintainer. It would be nice to find a convention and automatically enforce it for toolinfo records created using the Toolhub UI.

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In hindsight i think the decision to make tool names unique in the toolinfo scheme was wrong. It's really difficult to have a uniqueness requirement without being able to actually enforce it. If i would do it again now i would probably opt for an approach where tools get a unique id, maybe in the some way Wikidata does it: simply start with 1 and keep adding up.

We can always thing about this again if and when it seems to be a problem.