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Archive the wikimedia/avro library
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We've dropped use of this from MediaWiki (T265967: Proposal: drop avro dependency from mediawiki). No other known users. It's a fork from apache/avro.

To-do list

  • This task
    • Add maintainers of the library as subscribers to this task.
  • Upstream publication
    • Drop Packagist entry
  • On-wiki documentation
    • NA
  • Phabricator
    • Mark all Phabricator tasks for the extension/skin either Declined or Invalid. Add a comment pointing to this task when doing so for reference.
    • NA
  • Configuration/tests/integrations/etc.
  • Repositories
  • Packagist

Event Timeline

Note that the github mirror is used by and removing it might break things.

In the interest of allowing others to fork, perhaps just archive the github repository?

Oh, yeah, forgot to add removal from Packagist.