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Allow a user to be blocked from sending thanks with a specific user only
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Problem to solve

Some users do not make any edits, but only thanks to the single administrator. The purpose of these users is only to harass the administrator, and let him disturbed by a large number of notices.

Social sanctions can keep them in check, but currently the only technical means to corral this type of behavior is a full site block, which is extreme for some situations.

Proposed solution

It would be useful to be able to *only* block users from sending thanks on specific user.

In fact, this is very similar to T242785, But this task is limited to a specific user.

Event Timeline

IN changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Feature Request".
IN added a project: Thanks.

This would be solved by T235873.

Situations not manageable using abuse filters could instead be solved using T242785.

Beyond these two tasks, there seems to be no need for a third feature providing the same functionality.