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Give advanced printing options (no images, print only some sections in a page, etc)
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Author: hue


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hue wrote:

Is there a possibility to change the way a wikipedia page is printed. I would really like to have more options - like print without images/text only, and also to have the option to choose which sections from the content to print from certain page. For example, there are some articles where the preferences are over 10 pages, and sometimes i don't need them.

Thank you.

Such features are usually the job of the printer driver and Print setup dialog. Doing it in JS + html/css is next to impossible and at the very least will have unpredictable results across the varying browsers, operating systems and printer drivers.

Hmmm, it is most definitely the job of the print driver, but I don't think its impossible for us to do with js/css, at least not for the things he requested - for example, no images could be done with a print stylesheet that sets img {display: none}.

We can only choose which parts to hide, not which parts to print specifically. We might want to combine any work in that area with Bug 22256.

I have implemented something like this as a userscript:

It requires jQuery btw.

The OCG extension should allow some more of these options.

@cscott: Hi, I'm resetting the task assignee due to inactivity. Please feel free to reclaim this task if you plan to work on this - it would be welcome! Also see for more information - thanks!

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