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Mentor dashboard: V1 desktop
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This task will be a parent task for all subtasks that relate to the first iteration of the mentor dashboard.


Research has shown that mentoring can be a successful way to help newcomers adapt to a new environment. Many current mentors state that they themselves had a mentor figure that helped them start editing Wikipedia. Hence, the team thought that it would be beneficial for newcomers to have the ability to ask other users questions. So the Growth team included a mentorship module on the Newcomer homepage, where newcomers can ask a mentor a question directly from a dialogue box. Currently, the mentors sign up to the mentor list and wait for mentees to be randomly allocated to them. They do not know who their mentees are until one of them asks a question (the only exception is if they claim a mentee ), which then shows up on their talkpage.

Mentors have voiced that they want to know who their mentees are and have the ability to be more proactive about mentoring newcomers.

The goal of the dashboard: Improve the mentor experience and create a central place for mentor-related features that let them be more proactive about mentoring newcomers.

One can find more information about the project in this design brief and this MediaWiki page.


Title: The special page will be called "Mentor dashboard"

Navigation to page: Mentors who have added their usernames to their wiki’s mentor list will gain access to a mentor dashboard. It will be a private special page that can be accessed only by the mentor.

  • For desktop: the dashboard will be located in the top right corner with the other personal tools right before 'log out.

Deleting the dashboard

  • Existing mentors will have the opportunity to quit mentoring. This can be done through the mentor status/activity module.
    • Once the mentor chooses to quit mentoring their mentees will be redistributed to other mentors and they will lose access to all the information stored on their dashboard.
  • If the user chooses to return to mentoring they will get new mentees assigned to them and the dashboard will showcase information new information except for the replies to the FAQs module, where they will gain access to their old replies.
The modules

Based on research, interviews, and the community’s feedback, the first iteration of the dashboard will include the following modules (ordered according to higher to lowest priority) :

  • M1: an overview of the mentees
  • M2: mentor tools (ability to edit the mentor's message, claim a mentee, and the ability to change their status)
  • M3: FAQs replies (bank of template answers)
  • M4: a preview of unanswered questions
  • M5: mentor impact (total contributions from their mentees, # of questions they have answered, and thanks received)
  • M6: mentor resources (top resources for mentoring)


  • The dashboards could be viewed by other mentors in a given wiki. This would allow for mentors to audit each other, help each other, and share resources.

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Event Timeline

@OTichonova -- thank you for creating these tasks! This will enable engineering work to begin. @Urbanecm_WMF is going to go through the tasks to do two things:

  • Ask clarifying questions.
  • Identify particularly challenging parts of the specifications, so that you can explain whether those parts are or are not critical.

I have these questions for you:

  • Could you please give a priority order for the modules? In the case that our team does not have sufficient time or bandwidth to build them all, we want to make sure that we complete the most important ones first.
  • Given that your design work so far has been around the desktop experience, do you expect there to be different specifications for the various modules on mobile? Will you be adding mobile specifications to the module tasks in the future? Some modules, like M1, seem like they will be difficult to design for the mobile screen.

Okay got it, thanks @MMiller_WMF

For the priority order (ill add this up top to):

  • Mentee overview
  • Unanswered questions
  • FAQ answers
  • Mentor tools
  • Mentor impact
  • Mentor resources

I was going to add mobile specifications for the modules once I am finished adding the desktop ones, but I think desktop is higher priority at this point.

@OTichonova -- we talked today about how the mentor will discover and access this dashboard. When you've decided on the route, please add a Phabricator subtask about creating it.

Hi @MMiller_WMF,
After second thought and talking with @RHo I wonder whether the best place for the mentor dashboard is in the side menu under 'Tools'.

Experienced mentors shouldn't have a problem finding it. However, it being there is difficult to translate to mobile. Where would the equivalent place for the dashboard be?
The dashboard is the mentor's private page so logically it does make sense for it to be under the mentor's username as the last (third) tab after the user page and talk page. This translates to mobile (it could be located similarly under the mentor's username as the third tab after 'discussion).

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