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Template saving bug
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Hello, I am working on a translation in ContentTranslation tool and experienced some bug. While text and links is saving normally, templates aren't and they are mostly returning back to machine-translated version.
Here are some images:

image.png (663×1 px, 274 KB)
Original infobox on the left and translated on the right
image.png (827×1 px, 49 KB)
Infobox is only filled in with some parameters, yesterday I filled them all
image.png (331×1 px, 260 KB)
Panorama template is not compatible with translated one, so translated one is not filled at all (I filled it too)
image.png (328×418 px, 10 KB)
There is also some issue with references and cite template
image.png (278×1 px, 14 KB)
It looks wrong, but...
image.png (484×501 px, 23 KB) is still filled in and when you click Save it works