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Problems generating thumbnails
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The new images uploaded at the time of creating this report have problems when generating thumbnails. A lot of it looks like they are not being shown

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User Askeuhd is currently uploading files at a speed of ~>130 files per minute. I would guess it could be related to that.

@Wilfredor is this still happening to you? I saw some contention at the time of your report, due to high upload rate, but not at the moment.
It could be datacenter-dependent, though.

I had a look at Special:NewFiles on commons which still has a number of broken thumbnails, but I also noticed the page header refers to T266155: Frequent "Error: 429, Too Many Requests" errors on pages with many (>50) thumbnails which might be the actual cause here.

If what we have is 429s (rate limiting errors), I would merge this there. Feel free to reopen if you had a different experience.