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Image recommendations project landing page
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What is the problem?

First goal of SDAW is "to allow machines to recognize Wikimedia content and to suggest relationships to other Wikimedia content", and the current task we're exploring is the Image recommendation project.

We need to set up a page that presents the project, explores its details, and calls for feedback from interested users.

How can we help you?

The current (2021-05-05) landing page for the task is the "Add an image" Growth page, but we might want to set up a landing page on our own.

What does success look like?

  • The landing page presents successfully the project, detailing its initial goals and the aspects we want to have feedback on.
  • The landing page is clear to interested users and presents an adequate number of images.
  • The discussion page is structured with the main themes we need feedback on.

What is your deadline?

Not set in stone yet, but the page should be published preferably before May 15th.