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Update the MediaWiki logo on social media managed by Developer advocacy
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Jhernandez triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 1 2021, 4:44 PM

Feel free to add anything else that we maintain that needs updating.

Volker_E renamed this task from Update the Mediawiki logo on social media managed by Developer advocacy to Update the MediaWiki logo on social media managed by Developer advocacy.Apr 1 2021, 4:52 PM

This one would be perfect for Twitter:

For YouTube and Facebook (with indents):

The banner of the YouTube channel also needs to be changed since it features the old logo (or should it use File:Por los campos 2 (3659741717).jpg like the Facebook and Twitter?)

@srishakatux can you change the logo on the Facebook page?

The background banner on the MediaWiki Twitter page remains a photo of sunflowers for now. Do we want to change this image to capture the spirit and colors of the new logo?

Whatever we decide about the background banner, we definitely need to change that on YouTube as well.

@SerDIDG do you mean Facebook (rather than Youtube)? Both Facebook and Twitter use an image of sunflowers as their banner. I agree that both should be the same for consistency -- whether it remains the sunflowers or we decide to use some other image.

The banner on the Youtube page was simply the logo against a white background in the past. I replaced this with the new logo against a white background. If folks think this banner should have a different design, we should explore it.

I doesn't have strong opinion about current sunflowers, rather neutral, i only propose to use what is or will more common. I'll try to experiment with the art in this direction:

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