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Content boxes overlap
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Example for 1280px width:

Screenshot from 2021-04-03 11-45-19.png (956×589 px, 137 KB)

This is due to hardcoding width:75% (<div> for the first three "columns") and width: 25%; in the <div> surrounding the {{Stackable_card}} on the right.

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I would like to work on this issue, if this project is active please assign this task to me.

Hi @VartikaS12, please see about assigning - thanks.
This is on-wiki content to edit and seems to require some permissions.

@DAlangi_WMF or @DNdubane_WMF : Who can fix this? Or how can I fix this myself as editing these pages is restricted for reasons not known to me?

@VartikaS12, you can edit the page now. Restrictions has been lowered on editing. Thanks a lot for your interest and do let me know if you need anything else to progress on this issue. :)

@Aklapper, it was done so because since the project was still in active development late last year, things were being changed constantly. Now that the interface is a bit stable, the restriction has been dropped on editing. Thank you!

This should use a CSS flex design, but after an hour staring at the code I'm still puzzled. Seems to also inconsistently uses {{Clickable button 2}} vs custom CSS whenever a button is not a direct link but needs a specific class. Also abuses <br> for vertical layout. Plus T284380: Make boxes have consistent height.

DAlangi_WMF claimed this task.

The rework of the landing page covers this. See:

Thank you very much for reporting.