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Need access to (associated with Analytics' MaxMind account)
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Hi there,

We need to change the billing info on Analytics' MaxMind account, but we are locked out. The email address associated with the account is, and I haven't been able to find anyone with access to it, even in ITS. I am told TechOps owns this email.

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Aklapper renamed this task from Need access to to Need access to (associated with Analytics' MaxMind account).Apr 5 2021, 5:43 PM

Hi @JLaytonWMF We can help. Mail to noc@ is received by a lot of people actually. Almost anyone in SRE or with root access to servers. It is just a mail forwarder though; not an inbox we can simply delegate access to. Who exactly is "we" in your request please? Would it make sense to change the address associated with the account to a different group address, maybe within analytics? Or is this just a one-time action where we simply need to click a link for you?

Thanks, Daniel. I've added @fdans and @MNadrofsky to this. My only involvement with the account is credit card reconciliation. I'm not sure what the Analytics Team has a better address for it. I (or someone else) just need access to the account so we can switch the billing from credit card to invoicing.

Also to add: I tried to re-set the password, but that email goes to I don't know if someone can get that email and reset the password for me?

Hey Janna,

the latest email I see when searching for maxmind was a "Your Monthly MaxMind Receipt". It was sent on March 31st to noc@ and says that we paid for a MaxMind subscription.
In the description it has your name and the 1 Montgomery address. I am not sure if this is separate from the Analytics MaxMind account.

I do not see any password reset mail from today so far.

Hello again Janna,

meanwhile I found out how to login on the Maxmind site and have access.

I see the billing info has Nuria's name in it but the street address looks correct.

Would you like me to simply change the name for you?

Unfortunately I do not see an option to switch from CC to invoicing in the web UI. Contacting MaxMind support to ask how that is done.

@JLaytonWMF Alright, so I talked to MaxMind support (after being logged in) and asked them specifically about changing to invoicing and the answer was ... that is not a thing possible in the web interface. For that they are asking to email So you should be able to do that and as long as you are mailing from the same domain and know the account it should work, they said.

Let us know if this works and you don't need the web access anymore.

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@JLaytonWMF I am gonna tentatively resolve this task, it looks like the matter is out of SRE hands and maxmind should be contacted directly to Feel free to reopen if we can somehow be of assistance.