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Creating a round in Montage with a list of files produces import warning and disqualifies all entries
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Commons:Montage was developed for the jury deliberations of WLM, and can also be used for other image competitions.

This year, the WLM Italy 2021 team wants to use the tool for putting together a list of monuments that need a better image, in preparation for this years WLM. I've set up a campaign as we normally do but with the life span of ~11year. When they try to import a list of files, Montage gives an error "Import Warning/ import issues - no entries imported - all entries disqualified by round settings" and rounds are not created.

I have no experience with importing lists (tries this before but it did not work with me), and would appreciate if one of the maintainers of the tool would take a look at the request, and the campaign, to see if they can offer a solution.

This is what the user reported on the talk page:
To prepare the Round1 of the campaign, I opted to use "File" to load the list of the image. Hence I saved the content of commons:User:Ysogo/Sandbox_B in a local .txt (listing 1 file x line in the txt without the leading "File:" as per instruction) and I put the name of the file in the round setting page. I also turned off all test for "disqualification" in the settings. But when I save the Round, Montage after some seconds returns the following message: "Import Warning/ import issues - no entries imported - all entries disqualified by round settings".

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Lily, can you help the team here?

This specific case is solved for now, user says about his fix: "Actually, I applied a workaround: I added a dedicated category to the pictures that I wanted to be voted and I set up the campaign based on the directory. Montage through File is still not working."

Might be worth it to figure out what triggered the error, and see if we could create a more specific warning for this.

I encounter the same problem with a correct formatted file... problem is not solved...

cat Montage_list_Wiki_Loves_Heritage_2021.txt


@Geertivp could you attach the txt file?

Also, if you use the copypaste method, does it work for you?

With copypaste i mean the option to use 'file list' which allows you to copypaste the content of the file (Without header) directly. In my experience, less error prone. When I import it that way, I get 1951 correct imports out of 2076. This means there must be 125 errors.

11 of the errors are definitely related to file encoding (search for "‰"). Likely there are more errors that will disappear if you do UTF-8 encoding.

The approach I use: try to upload with copypaste (make sure to disable all disqualification rules), see how many are correctly uploaded. Then start the round, pause the round. Download results. Do a diff between this list and your file list. Now you got all the errors. Find out what's wrong. Then delete the round, and try again until you got all.

Thanks, it was not clear to me what "file list" could have meant; I thought about a physical file containing the image list... but no: it was just the bare "list of files" as such. Maybe the label of this option could be better just "copy/paste" or "in situ". I will try that option next time. The errors you encountered were probably caused because the encoding via the browser is not UTF-8. You should have used wget on Linux, which works great. I have also a proper UTF-8 copy on a my laptop.

For the time being I have updated the image files belonging to the "(virtual) contained category" with AWB (AutoWikiBrowser) to belong also the category of the containing category. So I was able to start the campaign yesterday evening via this workaround.

This core issue with "file list URL" must still be solved (this task).

Also my proposal to be able to upload multiple URLs at once, as described in T299167, would be a great extension. It ressembles the merged category upload as available in WDFIST.