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Deploy the Reply Tool as an opt-out preference at
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This task is about offering the Reply Tool as opt-out preference at

Test instructions

IP editor
Steps TBD.

New user

  1. Visit
  2. Create a new account
  3. Visit a talk page
  4. Verify [ reply ] links appear next to each comment on the talk page
  5. Click a [ reply ] link
  6. Verify the Reply Tool opens as you expect
  7. Draft and publish a comment with the reply tool
  8. Verify the comment you drafted is published as you expect
  9. Visit:
  10. Verify the Enable quick replying preference appears and is "checked" within the Discussion pages section
  11. "Uncheck" the checkbox next to the Enable quick replying preference
  12. Visit a talk page
  13. Verify [ reply ] links are NOT visible


  • Test instructions are completed
  • Any issues that surface in the process of completing the Test instructions are documented in phabricator and mentioned in this ticket.

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