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Selective means to exclude (sub)pages from Special:UnconnectedPages
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The Wikisources need a means to selectively exclude (sub)pages from showing up in Special:UnconnectedPages. As currently it is next to useless with clutter items that would not need to be itemised

Certain works of fiction will typically have Chapter 1 .. Chapter N which the Wikisources put as subpages to the work (and the work will have a WD edition item) however, we would typically not create an item for a chapter

It is not all subpages that need this treatment as we have works where we would create items (non-fiction, poetry, etc.) so I would think that we need a means to mark at the rootpagename level that the subpages are not to be listed. Something that we could template would be ideal, I was thinking a binary switch.

There also may be certain pages of all works that should not be itemised, so there would also be the need to identify a subpage of a work to not be itemised. Here I am thinking advertising material that may have been reproduced that is deemed not worthy of an item, so we would need an option at a page level. So whether this becomes something that identifies subpages / thispage which could be embedded in a page. It needs to be easy to do, easy to manage, so putting it into the page information would be bothersome, though recording its status on page information would be useful. I would guess that we would still need the ability to categorise its use so to watch or abuse/misuse.