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Deploy Image content filtration model for Wikimedia Commons
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The Image Content Filtration model Wikimedia Commons has been in the works for approximately 2 years (albeit, with a different name previously)

The aim of this model is to ensure that Image Vandalism which comes in the form of editing Wikipedia pages to contain traditionally graphic images (which are not required in the context of that particular page, to shock the user) from Wikimedia commons. This model aims to resolve this issue by scoring images on their probability of being graphic with a custom built dataset tailored to Wikimedia community needs (as opposed to an outsider definition of what graphic means)

Technical details about the model will be added soon

See T264045 for context.

See also T214201

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@Chtnnh: Hi, which project tag(s) is this about, so others can find this task? Thanks.

Hey @Aklapper, sorry for the delay in updating this task. Let me get to it now.

No reply from assignee. :( @Chtnnh, @Abbasidaniyal: Should this ticket still remain both open && assigned?

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Note that the Commons discussion(link fixed per RoySmith) received UNANIMOUSLY negative community reception, with the only positive comments coming from a WMF staff member trying to defend the project.

This project, narrowly construed as non-filtering and offering only advisory information, might in theory be tolerable to the community. However the community never asked for this, and there are concerns that this will ultimately be harmful to our work. If anyone wants to open further discussion with the community, that's swell. But work on this project clearly should not be deployed when the community response has been negative. Especially not when the response has been unanimously negative.

This link gets you direct to the archived discussion mentioned by Alsee.

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