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Abandoned comments get resurrected (unsaved changes)
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On a talk page with DiscussionTools enabled:

  1. Click reply or add topic and start typing a comment, make sure you enter at least one non-whitespace character
  2. Decide that you instead want to edit the page the old way.
  3. Click to edit the page or section, do not cancel your comment
  4. Choose to leave the current page, even though you have unsaved changes
  5. Add any text to the page.
  6. If you started a new discussion in step one, save the page. If you replied, click save or cancel

Expected behaviour

  • The page loads with no discussion tools input boxes active (i.e. as if you had not done steps 1-3).

Actual behaviour

  • Your browser reports it has restored your unsaved changes.
  • The comment you started writing in step 1 has returned and must be explicitly cancelled.

See also: T274949

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If using the reply tool to a reply to a comment and that comment is removed in the page edit:

  • If the comment you were replying to was the last on the page, your unsaved comment disappears as is desired
  • if the comment you were replying to was not the last on the page, your unsaved comment becomes an unsaved reply to the comment following the one that was removed.