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Hide pulsing blue dot when switching to suggestions mode
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When we added code in guidance.js to manually switch to edit mode, we didn't account for the fact that users who have never clicked edit will see this blue pulsing dot. It's usually removed after a user clicks edit themselves, but our mode switching code didn't trigger that. We should remove the dot ourselves in the guidance.js code.

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Change 677581 had a related patch set uploaded (by Kosta Harlan; author: Kosta Harlan):

[mediawiki/extensions/GrowthExperiments@master] Don't show pulsing blue dot for link-recommendation task type

Change 677581 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/GrowthExperiments@master] Don't show pulsing blue dot for link-recommendation task type

Etonkovidova subscribed.

Checked in betalabs - the issue is not present.

Note: Interesting that I noticed the issue around April 1 in testwiki - then it was gone and it's not present there anymore although the fix is not deployed yet.

Added to my post-deployment checklist.