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When searching with incategory on local wiki, results from Commons categories are included
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When I search on a local wiki (e.g. English Wikipedia) with "incategory", there are also results from the Commons category of the same name (example), it sounds a bit strange because the Commons category is not the same as the local category.

Possibly it could include relevant results when the local language is English (the same as Commons) and when the category name is sufficiently short to exist both on the local wiki and on Commons, but this is quite hazardous, and it breaks the semantics “Search in the [local] category”.

I’m not completely convinced myself if it is an interesting side-effect or an issue, but I was surprised at first sight because I did not understand the result: why a Commons image is returned but there are no images in the category.

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When File is part of the searched namespaces on wmf wikis commons is being searched too. The shape of the search query might inhibit this behavior but incategory is explicitly declared as a keyword that is allowed to work on commons. I don't have strong opinions on this but I think this feature has been here for a while so I guess it's OK.
To answer your last statement it's a feature and not a issue nor a side-effect. As a workaround the local: prefix can be used to forcibly ignore results from commons.
I'm declining as this is working as expected but feel free to re-open if you believe this feature should be changed.